23 October, 2012

Fishing Barramundi


I`d like to explain a little about Barramundi, Barramundi fish known as economically valuable fish in because of this high is difficult in fishing because usually served in a restaurant with a fairly expensive price. Barramundi fish known to have considerable fighting power but because this fish has rounded tail type then it make this fish get tired quickly although it has tremendous power for freshwater fish types. In contrast to other freshwater fish (Mangrove Jack, Black Bass, etc.) that only pulling your line out of your reel, Barramundi would jump and throw your lure out of his mouth. every angler who ever fight this fish must already know who the king of freshwater bass.

Jumping Barramundi

Barramundi migrate from salt water to fresh water to spawn , this fish habitat in brackish water in the river, but the masive Barramundi  usually found in the downstream of the river, if we are fishing in the upstream river the size of the fish averaged only weighs between 1kg - 5kg. Barramundi can grow up to 30kg which hold a record by an Australian Angler, Barramundi liked the place that have a lot of roots to chill out and also just like others predators fish seeking for it`s prey. Let`s  discuss about technique / method that we can apply for this fish.

       Obviously if we are talking about a predatory fish ofcourse there are many ways to fish them. predator fish usually like something that lives/move like a small fishes, frogs, insects, birds, etc. .we could use general method that oftenly used by the angler , they are :

1 . Casting
     all angler must already know this one, the advantages with casting technique is that we can use many different types of bait such as poppers, skitter pop, minnow, lure, softbait, froggy and more.

2 . Live Bait
          It's obvious  this one is most powerful technique, they usually use shrimp or fish , there are several advantages of this technique and there are disadvantages as well, the advantages of this technique are we just waiting for fish to strike for our bait and no need for casting and retieve again and again, the disadvantages are the less strike sensation because we just waiting for the fish to eat the bait and also live bait tend to stuck because those live bait usually seeking for safe place to hide, therefore many angler used casting techniques because of it`s amazing strike sensation .

       Barramundi fish classified as nocturnal animals but that does not mean in the day we could not fish it, this fish tend to like in the shade and calm water. Barramundi fish like clean water ( not muddy and not much garbage ) a good time for Barramundi fishing is when the water recedes in the morning between the hours of 05:30 until 10:00 because if the weather is too hot and the river began to rise it will affect this fish appetite. Low tide at night is also a good time for fishing barramundi. the question is that is this fish just eating when the water receded ? of course no. but when the water recede it give less space for Barramundi to move and it`s really good for casting, but it`s difficult when the water level tide it give the fish much space to move, so the good way is to use live bait, this is commonly applied by angler. The average strike barramundi is greater at low tide than the deep water.


  1. Mantap infonya, moga bisa bermanfaat buat banyak orang.

  2. Your content is wonderful, if anyone wants to know the best tips of barramundi fishing this is the best place. Thanks.


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