02 November, 2012

Fly Fishing Rod & Reel

Fly Fishing Rod & Reel

Fly fishing with a rod designed to cast a fly with a way to use the momentum of the fly line and control the direction and distance . A good fly rod that will fit in with a particular line . According www.fly - fishing - colorado.com , faktor2 to consider in choosing a fly rod , among others :
Budget - fly rod adjust your budget ( although many people say the price never lie ) . For beginners should buy a rod combo to reduce costs .

Warranty - some manufacturers typically provide lifetime warranty fly rod .

Fish Species - What type of fish would you fishing ? Where you will use ( in the sea , fast-flowing river , or lake ) ?

Fishing Distance - How far is your normal fishing rod ? Generally fish can usually be fished within 20ft of where we stand . Choose a rod that can do an overhead cast is convenient to 45ft . It will meet the needs of fishing in general .

Gender - fly rod selection for men is different from women . Because men have a stronger upper body than in women , the fly rod is longer for men than women . The length is usually 9ft rod for men while for women usually 8ft by 8.5ft .
Casting Ability - in this case distinguished between an angler novice , intermediate and advanced . This capability will determine the selection of rod flexibility or action . With a medium action rod is usually suitable for anglers beginner, intermediate to advanced . While fast action suitable for advanced -level anglers .

Fly Lines - elections must also be disesuaian fly rod with the size and type of fly line you are taking .

Fly Fishing Rod & Reel

In fly fishing reel fishing techniques used attached to the lower end of the fly rod used . Fly reel is used to load the line backing and fly line and sometimes used to control fish . When we used to go fishing with other techniques , see the fly reel seems too simple . fly reel seen many pit side, it pays to reduce weight and also to dry the water attached to the fly line . Fly reels are usually used for freshwater but some are made ​​for saltwater , it is distinguished from the material used . Drag system used from the simple ( click and pawl system) that can be set up dragnya . Fly reel is also made ​​in several sizes that are tailored to the size of the fly line and rod .
Advice in choosing a fly reel , should be tried first before buying . Wherever possible buy fly reel fly rod along with the purchase so that we can know its balanced rig . Do not let us buy a reel that is too big and too heavy for us to lose balance rod that causes reduces comfort .


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